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VR in our Living Rooms

With the rise of virtual reality becoming more affordable and accessible even I have recently found a PlayStation VR kit appear in my living room. Having experienced playing the PlayStation VR I found it absolutely immersive and so much fun. One thing I did notice (and this a very commonly reported issue in VR) is that it gave me the strangest form of motion sickness. My legs started to shake as they began feeling disconnected from the movement my brain was registering and a nauseating shock trickled through by body.

Now we at Droman Solutions are constantly trying to think of ways to create training that can fully immerse a user in their training, but shaky legs and nausea are not a practical way to train people.

That brings me to…

Omnidirectional VR Treadmills

An omnidirectional VR treadmill is a treadmill designed to move in all directions so that when you are experiencing the virtual world you can interact with it by actually walking around. This is still a very new and clunky technology that has a long way to go but when it does it will be a complete game changer. People will no longer be able to tell anyone who plays hours of games lazy because it will be a full body workout, but more importantly the feeling of motion sickness will no longer be present in the virtual world.

Benjamin Freeman, the Chief Executive Officer at infinadeck (the world’s first commercially-viable omnidirectional treadmill) said in an interview with Tested that he sees this technology moving into the training environment. He said that he wants this to work so that a firefighter can train with their team going into a burning house or a SWAT team going into a hostile environment. This sort of technological development is exactly the sort of thing that excites us at Droman.

Will we see Omnidirectional Treadmills in the future of training?

I think we absolutely will, but not yet. The technology still has a long way to go before it will work correctly and become affordable.

What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts?

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Leanne Kahn


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