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First responders are the lifeblood of the emergency services. To deal with the ever increasing and complex environment in which they operate, they need and deserve to be well trained.

However, complying with new legislation, regulations, scrutiny body recommendations, procedural reviews and dissemination of effective practice, results in a cascade of organisational learning, with business areas competing for air time to provide training interventions for already stretched front line staff.

During 2017, Droman Solutions formed a unique partnership with Police Scotland and the University of Abertay, a world centre of excellence in applied gaming.  This resulted in the development of a Cybercrime and Digital Forensics First Responders Guide serious game app.  It enables users to engage with realistic workplace scenarios on digital devices in a safe, virtual learning environment.

This cost-effective and convenient approach mirrors todays digital media lifestyles and suits individual learning needs, from those who prefer to read supporting material first, to the more millennial learner, whose shorter attention span will more than likely lead to them going straight to the scenarios and learning by doing.

Evaluated by the Scottish Institute of Policing Research http://bit.ly/2Cid9fW and recent winner of a Scottish Business and Resilience Centre Cybercrime Award, the results of this approach speak for themselves. Droman’s emphasis on accredited learning which is integrated with organisational competency frameworks, ensures products that are consistent with those organisations who are committed to the development of their greatest assets; their people.

But for me as both a retired police officer and police trainer, it’s the ‘refreshability’ of immersive learning that benefits the jack-of-all-trades first responder most. In a world of information overload, what is learned today will soon be forgotten, if not reinforced through practical application. The portability of immersive learning ensures instant access to scenarios, supporting guidance and aide memoires for first responders ‘on the ground’ providing a learning intervention that continues to deliver long after competency levels have been achieved.

So yes, it fits the (Old) Bill, but in the same vein, scenario based immersive learning is equally applicable across other business sectors. With 90% of businesses planning to use mobile learning technology in the next 2 years and 46% planning to use immersive and gaming simulations http://bit.ly/2jckc55, it might be the right time to consider whether this approach could fit your bill.


John Laing


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