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The Edinburgh Fringe is here, and the festival occupies the city at every corner. With over 3 398 performers putting on a total of 54,232 performances in only 3 weeks last year, even Droman Solutions’ offices at Summerhall are surrounded by packed venues and exciting shows. With nearly 3 million festival goers expected this year I wonder how many of these venues are GDPR compliant in terms of handling payments and gathering customer’s contact details for follow up newsletters? With such a huge increase in the Edinburgh population during the month of August how are venues planning to handle all the personal data that comes with them?

GDPR came into force on the 25th May 2018, replacing the previous data protection act (1998). The ICO reported on the 20th July 2018 that they were receiving upwards of 15% more data protection complaints, with these complaints they were able to close more cases than in any other year. With people now more aware of their personal data they are being empowered to act on data breaches.

The Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe have taken precautions as larger organisations. Assuming everyone is already compliant and registered with the ICO there should be no problem, but with just only over 500,000 businesses and organisations out of 3,798,095 registered with the ICO in the UK it still seems unlikely that many smaller businesses are taking the GDPR seriously or feel confident to do so. Basic training and awareness is a good start to building confidence and compliance.

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Leanne Kahn


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