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Deep Learning Gives Everyone Time To Dive Into A Subject

In this post we look at Deep Learning and why it helps explain the effectiveness of well designed immersive learning. If you only have a minute, look at this video now



Still here ? Well that perhaps says something about your learning style.

I have written previously about how immersive learning helps each person choose the best time, method and duration of their learning https://dromansolutions.com/are-you-in-the-mood-for-learning/

At Droman Solutions, we know that some people prefer to look at our extensive guidance notes, help sheets and glossaries before they attempt the interactive scenarios in each training app. Some take the opposite approach and jump right into the scenarios, knowing that even if they get something wrong, the implications in the training environment are negligible compared with their workplace.

Whichever approach people take, what we do know is that immersive learning is an incredibly powerful tool, with better results in transference of skills back to the real situations and problems that people face at work. Of course the facility to choose when to use the training apps helps.

Similarly, the ability to refresh skills and knowledge has distinct advantages over a one-off training course. And of course the world moves on, so having each training package regularly updated by experts, means that the app sitting on the learner’s tablet or smartphone is as relevant today as it was when it was first loaded.
Positive as all these benefits are, they don’t fully explain why immersive learning is probably the fastest growing approach worldwide. For that, we need to return to the term Deep Learning.
And at this point it really is time to here from an expert. Droman Solutions were delighted to organise a conference in Serbia recently to support the Government’s drive to increase digital skills. We were fortunate enough to engage Dr Natalie Coull as a speaker at the conference.  The video is at the top of the page – remember ?

David McCracken


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