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An important milestone for our cybercrime training app was passed yesterday.  The Scottish Institute of Policing Research published their independent evaluation report at the University of Abertay.  Miranda Alcock the report’s author, gave a presentation outlining key findings.  It was great to hear that 76% of Police Scotland’s who completed the training, felt more confident in dealing with operational incidents involving cybercrime and digital forensics.

There were some surprises though.  For example, the fact that older officers found our technology-based approach to training, just as easy to use as younger officers. In fact 81% of staff found our immersive learning app easy to navigate.  Pleasingly, 74% found it an easy way to learn.  There were great suggestions for improvement from staff too.  Some found our house scenarios took longer than they needed to.  A two dimensional plan view is now being added to our 3D environment, allowing staff to see where they are in the house and plan where they want to go next.  For those of us brought up on Cluedo, this will be a great relief !  

And that highlights one of the real strengths of immersive learning.  People become engaged.  They want to solve the problem they have been set.  In this training, police officers want to find all the digital devices and deal with them properly so that any evidence can be preserved.  But that same sense of involvement easily transfers to other environments.  Finding Health and Safety hazards or dealing correctly with personal data, become realistic and engaging when set in an interactive 3D environment.

This is really important to us at Droman Solutions.  We knew that our immersive learning would be great for employers.  It removes the need to schedule classroom time and disrupt staff from delivering their work.  We knew that providing our training via apps on tablets or smart phones, would make it easy for staff to access.  Our partners at Abertay University told us that immersive learning was also shown to be engaging and even fun – and now we know.


David McCracken


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