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We all like a good detective mystery, don’t we? So it was with this in mind that I was scanning various industry and media reports lamenting the state of UK productivity. The CBI, CIPD and other cognoscenti report on a potentially confusing and contradictory series of issues:

In an economy with a huge service sector and high levels of digital capability, perhaps unsurprisingly, the UK’s use of computers/tablets/smartphones in the workplace, is much higher than the EU average

International research reports time spent online, and in particular using apps is increasing, US studies report over 3 hours per day. Apps are increasingly creating ‘walled gardens’ in which users can access more of the things that they want to do, without the need for general browsing online. So people like apps and spend increasingly more time using them.

So far so good? These paint an optimistic picture of how the UK can use its tech advantage to push on, however brittle or viscous Brexit turns out to be. And yet, we also hear that:

– The expansion of the UK university sector is apparently creating an overqualified, but underskilled workforce relative to the needs of employers

– The Apprenticeship scheme and underpinning levy, is at best receiving a mixed response from some employers. The CIPD et al consider it could reduce resources for training employers’ non-apprentice workforce

– And, most consistently reported, UK productivity lags stubbornly behind many other countries

At this point most TV detective mysteries would cut to a commercial break. However, you’re busy and you don’t need to know where your local stockist for Christmas trees is, or that now is the time to book your 2018 summer holiday – do you ?

In fact, let’s cut to the chase. At Droman Solutions, we think that:

– Employers probably want their staff to have the full range of training necessary to meet all of their expanding legal and regulatory requirements

– Employers recognise that better training will improve their products and service delivery

– Employers would like to provide more training but the cost and disruption make that difficult

– Employees would prefer to have engaging and interactive training, rather than simply providing on-line information and quizzes.

For all of the above reasons, we firmly believe that immersive learning helps employers to provide affordable, engaging courses that increase effectiveness. Droman Solutions’ immersive learning allows staff to enter and interact with realistic workplace scenarios; what’s more, they are enjoyable !

Our’s is a truly mobile approach, making training available anytime, anywhere – on smartphones, tablets or computers, and so mirroring the digital lifestyles that staff lead.

Currently being provided to UK policing forces, our range of courses is expanding to meet new requirements across the public and private sectors, as well as internationally.

Ok we might not have solved the traditional detective mystery in the allotted 45 minutes. But you might be surprised at how much better e-learning has just become and the difference that could make to UK effectiveness.

David McCracken


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