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Change is something that every organisation undertakes. Proactively and leading change, or reactively and being led by the changing environment. Irrespective, I would argue that it is the way in which we lead our people through change is what really matters. And that most definitely includes training.

My experience having lead in significant change programmes within large organisations – including amongst others RAF Kinloss Drawdown 2010, RAF Transformation 2009, Streamlining (MoD 2007), and the Credit Union Expansion Programme 2012 – has determined that there are 3 fundamental enablers:

• A trained executive, leading, directing and coordinating the change
• A ‘shared understanding’ between all employees, and at every level
• A committed workforce that recognise that the change is both relevant and necessary

Training can take many guises, but evidence is clearly showing that Immersive Learning is more effective than the traditional e-learning approach. And there is a very simple reason; it permits the trainee to enter and interact with realistic and relevant scenarios. It enhances the potential for the transfer of necessary skills back to the workplace. And an organisation can no better demonstrate its commitment to the workforce through the provision of world class effective training.

Droman Solutions Ltd® has developed in partnership with the University of Abertay – a world leader in immersive learning through applied gaming – a style of immersive learning that allows users to enter and interact with realistic workplace scenarios using ‘serious gaming’ technology. Our mobile app allows users to access training anytime, anywhere they feel best undertaken. This frees staff and organisations from scheduling training, mitigating costly service disruption, caused by abstractions from the workplace. Most importantly the Droman Solutions immersive experience has been well received by clients, who find it engaging and enjoyable, and most importantly effective.

Key to successful organisational change is taking your people with you. Droman Solutions can enable effective training and the development of a shared understanding through immersive learning. Further, we continually work with our customers to develop an ever-broadening catalogue of training to meet the client’s requirements, and the needs of change.

James Johnston


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