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Sometimes we want to learn, we are engaged in the process and yet other times, we are distracted and would rather be doing something else. It does seem rather obvious. So what are the chances then, that the course an organisation has scheduled in a month’s time at 10am, will catch the attendees at their best ?

Technology is enabling individuals to make choices about when and how they do things. In a rush at the supermarket ? Go to the self-service checkout. Want some help choosing a holiday ? Look at the online reviews and perhaps watch a video.

So can learning technology mirror this trend and put learners in the driver’s seat ? Again the answer is a rather obvious ‘Yes’. So let’s look at the issues in moving beyond the corporate training calendar and classrooms ?

Question – Will we know that staff have completed training and are competent ?

Answer – Yes. Personal log-ins to e learning track when staff access courses and immersive learning tests competence within realistic workplace scenarios.

Question – E learning has its critics though ?

Answer – Poor training will always quite rightly have its critics. Have you never been to a boring classroom-based course?. Good e learning courses, provide notes, guidance, glossaries and help files. More recently, applied gaming approaches, allow learners to test their skills in life-like scenarios. Research shows they find this approach more engaging than traditional e learning and transference of skills to the workplace is improved.

Question – So this means the end of trainers and classrooms ?

Answer – Of course not. There will always be the need to bring staff together. Good immersive learning may reduce the frequency and duration of such training though. It will also allow organisations to train more staff and at lower cost. Trainers will need broader skills and the ability to create or commission, immersive learning approaches.

Perhaps more importantly with a quarter of staff surveyed stating that they received no training after their induction, good e learning should offer affordable options.

For that reason, we are working with employers to provide engaging training, accessible anytime, anywhere. At Droman Solutions we firmly believe that people know when and how they learn best. And of course, they always know what mood they are in.

David McCracken


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