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We are very excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Scottish Training Federations Awards 2018.

Awards are so important to us as we are still a fairly new company. Being shortlisted for the STF Awards means we are heading in the right direction and sometimes you need that third-party validation to give you that extra boost.

When starting out, one of the biggest challenges a business might face is reaching their audience. Creating brand awareness can be difficult when your marketing budget is tight and you haven’t had the time to gain credibility.

Business awards can be important for a new business for 5 reasons.

1. Re-evaluation of your business
The process of filling in the application can be a positive step in itself. You get to take a moment to reflect on how your company compares to its competitors, how the company has been performing and where it is going. Even if nothing comes of the application it will at least give you the opportunity to re-evaluate if you are on the correct path.

2. Third party endorsement
If you are short-listed or you win you get to enjoy knowing that amongst your competitors that you stand out as one of the best. This is great for gaining credibility when you are still new in a market.

3. It’s a chance to network
People need to know you exist! Attending an awards ceremony gives you the opportunity to network with some leading industry professionals. Don’t just see winning as the end goal, just being able to attend can be hugely beneficial.

4. You get to show off
Winning an award, or even just being nominated, gives you the opportunity to paste the awards logo all over your content and communications. Be proud and let the world know about your achievements.

5. You boost morale
If your colleagues feel that they are working in a company that is doing great things they are more likely to do even better work (everyone at Droman Solutions does great work all the time, of course!). Invite them to the ceremony and make it feel like a team achievement, which it is.

Will you be entering any awards this year? Let us know what you are up to.

Leanne Kahn


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